Solutions – Hospitals and Alternative Sites

Empower patients and create a lasting impression of their care experience

Solutions – Hospitals and Alternative Sites

Empower patients and create a lasting impression of their care experience

Improving the patient experience and treatment outcome is a never-ending struggle for hospitals, outpatient treatment centers, specialty pharmacies, and long term care providers; one that has taken on greater urgency as results are linked to value-based purchasing programs, quality ratings, and even reimbursement. Medication-related communication is a particularly difficult area for organizations to impact and address.

The solution to this problem is a high quality and scalable way to share easy-to-understand medication information and engage patients regarding:

  • What medication they are taking
  • Why they are taking it
  • What side effects are possible or expected

MedsOnCue – How it Works

There are several ways to connect patients to the MedsOnCue videos:

  • OnDemand – Access to the video library is available via a custom-branded website that is optimized for touchscreen tablets, kiosks, or any internet connected device. The OnDemand site includes an alphabetical listing of medications and video options that can be viewed or emailed to the patient or family.
  • Discharge/Bedside Concierge Services – MedsOnCue is integrated with many pharmacy management systems enhancing the prescription label with a QR Code. This QR Code provides easy access for patients and caregivers to access the specific medication video anytime and anywhere delivered in a custom-branded website. The video content can also be accessed on a tablet/i-Pad to support bedside medication education activities.
  • Integrated Video Content – MedsOnCue can provide video content for your health system’s website, patient portal or other online services. In addition, MedsOnCue integrates with many in-room or bedside patient care and education systems. MedsOnCue videos can be delivered to patients seamlessly through your interactive TV providing communications regarding patient’s specific medications.

Sample Video

How do I get started?

In hospitals and alternative sites, MedsOnCue videos are available to patients through our Interactive Patient Care (IPC) system partners and other leading patient education & engagement platforms, as well as OnDemand web-based accesses for healthcare professionals.

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