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We’ve created a solution to address health literacy while helping to save the planet! MedsOnCue allows you to print a QR code on your patient's label to provide them digital access to their prescription information.

We've created the largest library of medication education videos. Designed by pharmacists, our patient friendly video library was created to increase health literacy and ultimately improve outcomes.

The Video Library

Our content is not sponsored by any brand or manufacturer and we do not advertise on our videos in order to keep the content focused on unbiased, evidence-based information and to drive trust between the patient and their healthcare providers.

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How do we create our content?

  • Video scripts are written and reviewed by a team of Pharmacists
  • Content is also reviewed by non-healthcare professionals to ensure it’s easy to understand
  • Information comes directly from FDA approved package inserts
  • Entire library is reviewed every year
  • New medication videos are added to the library every quarter
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