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October 15th, 2013

VUCA Health Joins Partner Pharmacies in Support of Health Literacy Month

LAKE MARY, Fla. – (Oct. 15, 2013) – VUCA Health and its partner pharmacies announced today their support of Health Literacy Month, drawing attention to and battling one of healthcare’s most pressing patient safety issues with innovative digital tools that boost patients’ comprehension of medication information. Founded by Helen Osborne and held each October, Health Literacy Month promotes the importance of understandable health information, brings together individuals, teams and organizations to raise awareness around health literacy problems, and actively seeks to solve them.

“More than one-third of American adults struggle with common health tasks, including following directions on a prescription drug label. As a result, approximately 50% of patients don’t take their medications as prescribed and therefore fail to realize the full benefit,” said Jeff Rowe, Co-Owner and Executive Vice President of Operations for Flint, Mich.-based Diplomat. “That is why Diplomat offers MedsOnCue. It is an effective way to reinforce safe medication use by providing our patients with easy and convenient access to understandable drug information.”

The Institute of Medicine reports that 90 million adOults have trouble understanding and acting on health information, and that medication container labels in particular can be confusing and difficult to comprehend. Overcoming these barriers and improving health literacy is a top priority for pharmacies and hospitals across the nation. As such, many are now leveraging innovative digital patient education solutions like MedsOnCue, which provides patients with on-demand access to prescription-specific videos and informative tools including medication images.

“Because of the unique patient-pharmacist relationship, we are in an ideal position to educate patients on the safe and proper use of their medications. But it’s a significant challenge, as evidenced by the number of paper medication guides that are tossed away, unread,” said Luke Snell, Pharmacist and Owner of Hailey, Idaho-based Luke Family Pharmacy. “By leveraging online and mobile resources like MedsOnCue that provide patients with information in an easily-digestible digital format, Luke Family can help improve health literacy and ensure that all our patients have access to the tools they need to benefit fully from their medications.”

MedsOnCue from VUCA Health utilizes QR codes printed on prescription labels and patient information sheets to link hospital and pharmacy patients to thousands of medication-specific videos in the MedsOnCue library. Available in English and Spanish, the videos provide comprehensive information on top-prescribed medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects. This helps ensure patients understand how to take their medications safely and limit any avoidable reactions.

“Improving health literacy and patient medication outcomes is the foundation upon which our company was built, which is why we are honored to team up with our partner pharmacies to advance the goals of Health Literacy Month,” said VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff, PharmD, MBA. “By delivering patient-specific medication education via video briefings, MedsOnCue improves health literacy and strengthens the relationship between pharmacy and patient.”

About VUCA Health
Based in Lake Mary, Fla., VUCA Health ( provides a gateway to patient engagement that serves as an on-demand extension of pharmacists and other healthcare providers. The company’s MedsOnCue solution leverages advanced mobile, web and on-demand video and communication technologies to deliver trusted patient information that enhances the medication use process. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way for clients to provide on-demand patient medication information and strengthen customer connections with video briefings, web messaging, reminders and alerts and a host of other customizable services that extend and enhance the patient relationship.

About Diplomat
Diplomat serves patients and physicians in all 50 states as the United States’ largest independent specialty pharmacy. Headquartered in Flint, Mich., the company focuses on medication management programs for people with specialized, long-term medical needs, including cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis — always focused on increasing adherence and improving patients’ outcomes. Diplomat opened its doors in 1975 as a neighborhood pharmacy with one essential tenet: “Take good care of patients, and the rest falls into place.” Today, that tradition continues. In addition to operating as a specialty pharmacy, the company provides back-end services to retailers and hospital pharmacies looking to enter the specialty market. In managed care, it offers specialty coverage to more than 12 million lives nationwide. Diplomat is accredited by URAC, PCAB, VAWD, ASHP and ACHC. Learn more at