Solutions – Pharmacies

Better for patients
Better for pharmacies
Better for the Earth

Solutions – Pharmacies

Better for patients
Better for pharmacies
Better for the Earth

MedsOnCue – How it Works

The majority of patients will discard patient information leaflets after leaving the pharmacy, leaving them wondering where to turn when they have questions regarding their prescription medication. MedsOnCue addresses this problem by providing on-demand prescription medication counseling that answers questions such as correct dosage and side effects.

Access:  Patients can quickly and conveniently access thousands of medication-specific videos in the MedsOnCue library by clicking on a link in an email or text message, or by scanning a QR code printed on prescription labels and patient information sheets.

Watch: Available in English and Spanish, videos provide comprehensive information on top-prescribed medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects.

Interact: One-click access to pharmacies, medication reminders and healthcare resources helps ensure patients understand how to take their medications safely and limit any avoidable reactions.

Value-Add Services

In addition to on-demand videos, MedsOnCue includes three customizable services designed to reinforce patient relationships, enhance patient safety and cultivate brand loyalty:

Connect Me: Click-to-call access to client-designated pharmacies or healthcare organizations call centers

Connect Me

Remind Me: Streamlined registration with the pharmacy’s or healthcare organization’s medication alert and reminder program

Remind Me

Inform Me:  On-demand access to additional prescription information and health/wellness resources

Inform Me

These brandable value-add services enhance customer loyalty and reinforce relationships by connecting patients to pharmacies, call centers and client-designated online information resources.

Go Green – Paperless Patient Education

  • Better for patients
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for your bottom line!

VUCA Health has engaged with state Pharmacy Boards and the FDA and you can now offer your patients an alternative – paper or electronic information about their medication. Patients can opt in to receive both the medication leaflet and Medication Guides using MedsOnCue, saving your pharmacy time and money while providing an innovative solution for your patients.

Sample Video

How Do I Get Started?

MedsOnCue is available through our growing list of Pharmacy Management System (PMS) and dispensing automation system partners. We are fully integrated with the majority of the industry’s leading platforms. Our MedsOnCue service is ready to be turned on in pharmacies and other healthcare facilities in the US. Once turned on, the QR code will automatically print on prescription labels and enable patients to watch medication videos as well as other patient education information on their mobile devices anywhere anytime.

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